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Blog Optimization

Recently I started to mess around with Hugo, a static-site generator, written in GO. I got some pitfalls with it, but overall it is a nice piece of software. I intend to develop a theme for this engine with semantic and accessibility in mind. So this is a plan of optimization that I composed.

Python: split list into chunks

Today I found 30 sec. of python code repository, that claims that every snippet there can be easily understood and copy/pasted by new developers.

HTTPS on Raspberry Pi

This post is about how to set up https on a raspberry pi device, based on my recent experience

Ubuntu networking issues

A post about issues with network drivers on Ubuntu, that lead to a discovery of lvm partition magic, learning chroot and reasoning about Ubuntu and hardware.

Javascript reformating magic

This post is about recently found amazing tool to make javascript (be readable) again.

Tale of two databases

This post describes my struggle with a task to get data difference between two databases. The winning solution was to use SQL-Workbench/J software that has tons of quality settings to do not only data diff by way more complex stuff.